Experience Incredible India on the UKIERI Study India Programme

This summer you could join 200 other UK students on a comprehensive and immersive introduction to incredible India. This is your chance to learn what it’s like to live, work and study in India. The three-week programme includes an internship at a top company or NGO. UKIERI fund all your accommodation, food and local transportation costs as well as tuition.

For four years the UK India Education Research Initiative (UKIERI), which is co-funded by the UK and India Governments, has enabled 718 British students to win scholarships to visit India. To find out what UKIERI SIP alumni think of the experience here is a selection of testimonials.

“The UKIERI Study India Programme is an amazing opportunity…The chance to interact and engage with the diversity of Indian culture has given me a deeper insight into the country and helped dismiss any preconceptions I may have had. The programme is a great opportunity to network socially and professionally. It has made me consider my own future – I’d love to return.”

Calum Cochrane, Arts Insititute at Bournemouth.



All participants of the 2013 UKIERI Study India Programme will experience two of the most extraordinary cities on the planet – Delhi and Mumbai. The contrast between these two megacities will immediately seize you.

You will interact with some of the most interesting Delhiwallahs and Mumbaikars, students at Indian schools and your peers at Delhi University colleges.

Using these cities as your classroom you will benefit from:

  • Cultural Orientation through lectures and visits
  • Economic Orientation through an internship
  • Academic Orientation through peer interactions and sessions at Indian schools and universities

The three week programme is designed to be applicable to students of all interests and backgrounds. In previous years we have had everyone from fashion students to astrophysicists participating. One of the great strengths of the experience is your chance to make friends from universities across the UK and people of an extraordinary diversity of interests and backgrounds. No matter your field, India has much to offer you. Here are some interesting quotes about India.

“The programme has provided me with the perfect introduction to India both economically and culturally, I am now aware of all the amazing opportunities available to me here, and am determined to return.”

Eleanor Beer, King’s College London

For three weeks, let India be your classroom. The UKIERI Study India Programme will immerse you in a learning experience, featuring expert-led talks and discussions, historical and cultural visits, work placements in corporations and NGOs, school and college visits, and opportunities to interact with locals and expats who are living the India story. Read our learning outcomes to see why graduates in all fields need an understanding of India.

In order to make the most of this educational experience, participants will be expected to adhere to a code of conduct, complete fieldwork journals, and participate in dissemination activities, including speaking in schools upon returning to the UK.

Take a step closer to this incredible opportunity by applying today!